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The OPGA a not-for-profit, tax exempt 501(c)5, organization of pawpaw enthusiasts and commercial pawpaw growers, large and small, dedicated to educating and promoting the superior traits of the pawpaw, developing a pawpaw industry, marketing plan, and preserving and studying the wild pawpaw genetics.  Contributions of gifts to the OPGA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.  However dues payments are deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.


There are a lot of changes in store for 2011 and you will notice some changes to the website.  First of all, we have somewhat outgrown our state, and have accomplished most of the state-specific goals we started out with a couple of years ago. Now, we boast members nationally and are helping to sponsor the International Pawpaw Conference this year. 

(Look for more links and pictures forthcoming from our far-flung members!)

Because of such widespread interest in the North American Pawpaw, we wanted to be more inclusive with our name and terminology.  You will see the "pawpaw" now referenced as the North American Pawpaw (or N.A.P.) to distinguish our fruit from other fruits called "pawpaw" or "papaya" in other locales.  OPGA has interests in so many directions (education, research, retailing of fruit, etc.) that we have decided to separate out our links into research partnerships, sister/similar organizations and so forth to increase transparency (what we do and with whom we do it) and, thanks to Tony, we now have a discussion group on Yahoo! If you have not had a chance to check it out, join the Yahoo! group now

As usual, if you have questions about where your favorite links have gotten to, please email the webmistress.

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         Why Grow Pawpaws ?       

The pawpaw has been growing in the United States for thousands of years & is well suited to the soils & climate.

  • History shows that the native cultures that once thrived in our region farmed large plantations of pawpaws.

  • Existing stands of pawpaws are excellent areas to further develop into productive semi-wild orchards.

  • The pawpaw is a nutritionally superior fruit, very high in protein, fat, minerals and amino acids.

  • The pawpaw biomass has potent chemicals which are used for anti-cancer drugs & organic pesticides. Due to these powerful chemicals, livestock and wildlife tend to avoid grazing on the tree.

  • Pawpaws have a huge potential market because making juices, ice cream and many other nutritious and delicious products are possible.

  • Better Homes and Gardens voted the pawpaw the landscape tree of the year 2000.

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